Mardigras Australia
Mardigras Australia

Gay Pride Festivals 2010 from Passport Magazine
June is Gay Pride Month and Passport Magazine,the insider’s guide to gay travel, is giving readers the most comprehensive Calendar of Gay Pride Celebrations Around the World! Over 300 Gay Pride events on every continent on the planet (except Antarctica, but we’re working on it)!

Celebrate Gay Pride Month with More than Just Parties and Parades
June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Pride Month throughout the United States and Smart Destinations, the company behind Go City Cards and Explorer Passes, has compiled a list of the top five pride celebrations, where travelers can get their pride on. Take Advantage of all the Pride Destination Has to Offer: Grab a Smart Destinations Go Card and take advantage of all the city's best sights and museums, after all the more the merrier.

Nhojj American GAY Pride Tour to Climax with National Anthem
Nhojj to open Circle City IN Pride Festival 2010 singing the National Anthem, a song that honors those who fight for freedom, and embodies the American spirit.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy on Homosexual in Military
' Americans favor allowing gay men and lesbians serving openly 58% to 28% (February 2010 CBS News/New York Times) ' Discharges exceeded 600 every year until 2009 (DADT) ' 22 out of 26 members of NATO allow gays to participate in operations (Wiki) The navy has had its own share of controversies over the years

Renaissance Long Beach Hotel Welcomes Long Beach Gay Pride Festival
Full-service Long Beach hotel offers affordable Romance Package with strawberries, champagne and a gourmet breakfast for $199.

With One Holiday Season Over Its Time to Get Ready for Mardi Gras
Around this time of the year many holiday goers are recovering from Christmas and New Years but anyone that knows anything about Mardi Gras knows that this is just the beginning of nearly two months of festivities centered around nothing but having some fun.

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